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Upgrade Your Shower Experience with Gold Shower Fixtures

A luxury shower can enhance the experience of your home and add a sense of elegance to your daily routine. More than half of respondents from Zillow's new survey on home improvements think the same. Keep reading for more details on why you should consider reimagining your bathroom with new gold shower heads and fixtures.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Bathroom Fixtures

A luxury bathroom renovation should be at the top of your list of projects. Upgrading your bathroom fixtures has plenty of advantages:

Increases Your Home's Value

One of the biggest reasons that people upgrade their bathroom fixtures is to increase their home's value. Whether or not you're getting ready to sell, having an updated bathroom can be an attractive feature to prospective buyers. Most people recognize the effort that goes into bathroom renovations, and many are willing to pay for the convenience of a luxury bathroom without having to pay for the renovation themselves.

Gold shower remodel

Reinvent Your Bathroom's Aesthetic

Some people like a more practical or functional type of bathroom. But if you're a person who wants a spa-like experience in your own home, having a luxury bathroom might be for you. Upgrading your shower fixtures allows you to improve the look of your bathroom and match the rest of your home.

Gold Bathroom Faucets 

Provide a Place for Relaxation

Everyone needs a space where they can relax, and for many, that's their bathroom. Your bathroom is a place of privacy, and one of the most intimate places in your home. That's why it makes sense to invest in it, not only because of the amount of time you spend in it but to give you a space where you can relax away from the rest of the world.

Women Showering 

Increase Your Water Efficiency

New high-end plumbing fixtures can also help lower your water bills. Old fixtures gradually deteriorate and become less efficient over time, leading you to pay more for your water. Newer fixtures are made with efficiency in mind to help you use less water while maintaining comfort.

Gold Plumbing Fixtures

Why Choose Gold?

Although the benefits of replacing shower fixtures shouldn't be underestimated, certain rewards only come with the use of gold. Here are a few reasons why gold shower fixtures are making a comeback as a contemporary luxury option:

Gold Goes with Everything

One of the advantages of gold is its versatility and complementary design aspects. Walk into a room and your eye is drawn right to it, which can reshape a 'before' bathroom into an 'after.' Using gold as part of your color scheme catches the light in the room beautifully and can complement nearly any color or bathroom aesthetic.

Gold Fixtures Bathroom Tub

It Adds an Air of Sophistication

Remodeling your bathroom shows you care about making your home a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. Adding gold shower heads into the mix exhibits an understanding of home design and channels a regal and serene atmosphere.

 Gold Shower Fixtures

Gold Has Staying Power

Although trends come and go, a well-designed bathroom will last forever. Gold is a classic material and manufacturers have developed finishes that don't require special or heavy upkeep so your fixtures won't fade or be damaged with use. Choosing gold is a great way to ensure that your home is contemporary and future-focused.

Bathroom with Gold Fixtures

Luxury Shower Fixtures You'll Love

Building the luxury shower system of your dreams doesn't have to be a difficult experience. Our collection of high-end bathroom fixtures can transform your bathroom into a true luxury experience. To get the most out of your renovation project, here are some suggestions on which fixtures to choose.

A New Rain Shower Head 

The biggest fixture change you can make is installing a new shower head, and there's nothing better than our 8'' round rain shower head. One of the biggest advantages of this shower head design over standard ones is the coverage.

Regular shower heads only focus on one section of your body and need to be readjusted for people of varying heights, which can be an inconvenience and possible hazard. Rain shower heads offer full coverage without having to adjust it.

Gold Showerhead

An Adjustable Shower Slide Bar

An adjustable shower bar can be used as a mount or hold for your handheld shower heads, and they can also be used as showerheads themselves. Ours are made with adjustable brackets and solid brass construction so they're optimized for function and beauty and pair well with any shower fixture style.

Ours also has self-cleaning spray nozzles, so it'll take care of most of the cleaning itself. And manual cleaning is a breeze as all you'll need to do is wipe the nozzle to remove any dirt or buildup. Feel free to pair them with any style, as brushed gold shower heads complement nearly any aesthetic, no matter the material for your shower walls.

Gold Fixtures Shower

A Solid Brass Handheld Shower Head

For areas that require more focused attention, being able to move the shower head where it's most needed is invaluable. A detachable shower head can also be great for washing kids or pets off after a messy day and make cleaning up easier as you can rinse hard-to-reach sections of the shower. Luxury shower heads are designed not only for utility but for style as well. You and your guests will feel like you're getting a five-star hotel experience without having to leave town.

Kid and Dog with Gold Shower fixtures 

A Body Spray Shower Tile

Body sprays and jets are no longer exclusive to the bathtub. Now you can have them in your shower and make a regular shower into the ultimate relaxation experience. The standout feature of our shower body spray is its 30-degree rotation capabilities. For those with active lifestyles or back and muscle pains, having targeted water streams hit those problem areas can keep your stress and provide a therapeutic aspect to your daily routine.

Shower Gold Body Sprays Fixtures

Reinvent Your Bathroom With Gold Shower Heads

Upgrading your shower fixtures is an opportunity to live more efficiently without sacrificing function or comfort. Adding these to your bathroom can help revamp your perception of it and turn it into a place where you destress.

When you're ready to upgrade to new gold shower heads, choose FORTIS. We have an incredible selection of fixtures crafted in Italy with high-quality design and elegance in mind. Browse our shower collection today and start revitalizing your bathroom.


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