Our Beginning

FORTIS began in 1954 as a small artisan company with roots in Pogno, Italy, the home of Milan and the heart of the Italian design tradition.

FORTIS is 100% crafted in Italy, the inspiration for the full range of products from the high fashion elegance of the Abruzzo Collection to the transmodern styling of the Brera Collection. Each piece references the heritage and craftsmanship unique to the FORTIS family and the Italian tradition.

The FORTIS Family

The FORTIS family was founded in postwar Italy when Mario Paini, the FORTIS founder and president began apprenticing at a small workshop, producing faucet components. As a spirited entrepreneur, Mario embarked on a journey to realize his vision of becoming a global leader in the decorative plumbing industry by combining the very best of Italian design and craftsmanship within one product, FORTIS. Fifty years later, the vision lives on under the leadership of his son, Marco. The company continues to live by its founding principles of producing products that embody the design aesthetic and high standard of craftsmanship consumers expect from FORTIS.

Design Philosophy


High fashion and superior quality have long been synonymous with Italian designs. FORTIS upholds this proud tradition with an extensive portfolio of exceptional fixtures and faucets.

FORTIS takes a holistic approach to design by not only working with innovators in the design community, but also with consumers, doing the research to understand what works in your home and with your design style. The development process is meticulous to ensure that each FORTIS product presents the most sophisticated design and the highest quality in the industry.


FORTIS manufacturing is a unique combination of the traditional and the modern. Cutting-edge techniques with modern robotics ensure that each faucet performs to the highest standards in the industry, while each product is hand inspected, as they have been for more than 60 years, to ensure that our most discerning clients will an unparalleled experience with each FORTIS design.