Modern Luxury Bathroom

8 Modern Bathroom Ideas for a Luxury Spa Experience at Home

Kitchens and bathrooms. These are the rooms buyers look at when they're perusing homes. They're also the two rooms that cost the most to remodel.

A good bathroom does more than add value to your home. It can become the beautiful retreat space at the end of the day, your very own spa right in the convenience of your own home.

If your bathroom looks like something straight out of an 80's tv show, it's time to give it an update. Keep reading to learn some of the basics of modern bathroom ideas, from design to hardware.

1. Roman Tub Faucets

In its heyday, the Roman Empire featured the most luxurious bathing experiences in the world. It's no wonder that we want to model our modern luxury bathrooms after the same features. 

You can purchase simple but elegant features like Roman tub faucets to give your bathroom a luxurious look. If you're looking for the Roman look, think clean, simple lines with earthy tones. The Roman tub faucet will just be the cherry on top. A polished chrome faucet will make the bathroom pop.

Roman Tub Faucets

2. Visual Tricks

If you cannot make your bathroom larger, make it look larger. One modern bathroom idea involves using some visual tricks to make the most out of every corner of the bathroom. This way you focus on creating a relaxing environment. 

Wall-hung vanity units along with freestanding vanities will maximize your space. Shower screens will open the room when a common closure will make it feel divided and confined. Simple brushed nickel features will give the space a luxurious feel in the middle of simplicity. 

A vaulted ceiling will also create much larger-looking space for the bathroom.  Look into a walk-in shower or a freestanding bath. You may have to pick between the two if the space will not afford both. 

Visual Tricks

3. Flush Shower Tray

The flush shower tray has become popular in modern bathroom designs as well. With this design, the shower tray is low and even flush with the ground. It creates a clean, simple finish. 

Your plumbing should be equipped for this design, so always consult an experienced plumber with the flush shower tray design before you fall in love with it.

Flush Shower Trays

4. Be Big and Bold

On the other side of simple and clean is big and bold, the other new trend in modern bathrooms. Some designers have begun to use bold wallpaper in a small bathroom to give it a big look. 

You can also use creative design to conceal essential but items like toilet paper holders or cleaning supplies or even bathroom fixtures. In the end, you have a big, bold, uncluttered small space that stands out. 

If the big patterns are intimidating, you can always use bolder features like faucets in brushed black and brushed gold finish. These finishes stand out compared to its simple chrome or stainless steel counterpart.

Bold Bathroom Trends

5. Combine New and Old

You may gain your bathroom inspiration from the very old as opposed to the throwback old look. While no one wants to give their bathroom a 1980's look, many people have fallen in love with the old farmhouse look. It adds charm and warmth to the modern bathroom. 

Look into a freestanding bath and shower. Consider a classic clawfoot tub paired with a pedestal sink in the bathroom. Both provide you with the traditional farmhouse charm while still using modern technology.

Classic and Modern Bathroom Style

6.  Marble and Neutral

You can never go wrong when you go neutral. Marble tiles or marble flooring in clean, neutral colors work well with modern fixtures and fittings.

Optimize your space as you focus on modern, clean, neutral lines. If you have a limited budget, then focus on the layout and not on expensive features in the bathroom. Your layout determines the overall look initially, so think simple and clean. 

Plus, if your tastes change, you can always update fixtures and colors. You cannot change the layout easily.

Marble tile and neutral colors

7. Home Spa Features

When you want a modern bathroom, turn your current space into a home spa. Think about the rooms that are not bathrooms, and ask yourself if you can convert any of them. Perhaps you have a neglected attic waiting for a renovation. 

If you add a spa experience to your home, you will instantly add value to the house. Think about luxury features that you've enjoyed from previous visits to day spas.

Include a big soaker tub installed where you can immerse your troubles in a lavender-scented bath. Install a steam shower for wellness and relaxation.

You'll improve the value of your home and end up with a relaxing sanctuary for yourself.

Home SPA features

8. Drop the Walls

Modern bathrooms have a more open look than bathrooms of the past. If you can open the space by eliminating a wall, do this. Look into walk-in showers that will create a much larger space and by removing the previous shower partitions.

You can then use modern faucets and details like brushed gold or brushed black finishes to give the space a richer feel. 

These modern bathroom ideas can transform your space into a place where you want to spend your time. Soak in a bubble bath or enjoy a long shower each evening, all in your own luxurious, modern bathroom.

Open space modern bathroom

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